September 27th-28th, 2014. 100 Mile Ultra, 2-, 4-, 6-, & 8-person Relay.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Course Preview: Miles 0-20

Hotshots Ranch.

The start line at Hotshots Ranch.

~Mile 3, beginning the climb to Aspen Corners on the Arizona Trail.

~Mile 4:  On the AZ Trail, half-way up the first and longest climb on the course.

~Mile 5.5, just below Aspen Corners (leaving the AZ Trail) near Alfa Fia Tank.

~Mile 6.  Descending to FR 151.

Forest Rd 151, mile 7

Forest Road 151, nearing Hart Prairie Perserve.

Hart Prairie Lodge (photo by Rick Braveheart):  Mile 8 and location of the first aid station.

The turn from FR 151 to FR 627 to Bismark Lake and back to the AZ Trail. (~mile 10) 

Bismark Lake and the Peaks, ~mile 12 (photo by Peter Coskun)

Aspens and the AZ Trail (~mile 15)

AZ Trail at the crossing with FR 418 (~mile 16)

~Mile 19 on the Arizona Trail.

Kelly Tank (mile 20) from the AZ Trail looking north.

Kelly Tank (mile 20) looking south towards the Peaks.

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